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Danma Difference

Cabinet Construction

* Dowel Construction Cabinets

* 5/8 Solid backing for all cabinet (Base & Uppers)

* Leg Leveler (height Adjustable)

–In case of flooding, only need to change kick rather than whole Cabinet

–In case cabinet damage, Lower the leg leveler and take out the cabinet without removing the Countertop

* 3/4″ Kick (No need for Shoe Moulding)

Drawer & Hinge

* Drawer

– Premium Metal Sides

– Full height Sides

– Soft Close

* Soft Close Hinges( 6 Way Adjustable)

Plant-On Gables & Fillers

* Use 3/4″ Plant-on Gables Flush to Gables

– PO Gables sends oversize & Scribe to wall to give premium look

– Open end damage, need to replace only plant-on gables rather than replacing the whole cabinet.

– In Vanities, Plant-on provide material thickness(1 3/8″) to plumber to screw for sink strapping, Where integrated gables provide only 5/8 thickness.

* Filler flush to Doors


* Automated Flatline(Painted)

* Owns Laminate Press

* 2 CNC & 2 Edge Banding Machine

* Inhouse MDF Painted Doors

* Inhouse Laminate Doors

Production & Installation

* Produce 30 Kitchens Per Week

* 5 Crew of Installer

* Customer Service

– Dedicate Customer Service Team

– After the Floor is Installed, Customer Rep goes to Check the QC and Deficiency